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About Us

Bridging the gap between consulting and execution.

At Finovo, we provide personalized guidance and support to financial services firms, helping them to scale their client base and market reach. Our unique approach combines strategic consulting with skillful execution, resulting in a comprehensive partnership that aligns with your firm’s vision and leads to real-world success. We are committed to delivering expert advice and actionable solutions to help you achieve your growth objectives.

Matt Haghighi, Founder

We’ve worked with firms across the industry:

Wealth Management


Credit Unions

Family Offices


Everything your firm needs to grow.

Finovo goes beyond the norm in consulting, seamlessly blending diagnostics with implementation. Beyond advising, we pride ourselves on being architects of change. Armed with insights, we seamlessly transition from analysis to action, bringing ideas to life with strategic finesse and tangible results. Whether it’s optimizing your sales infrastructure or orchestrating dynamic marketing campaigns, we’re committed partners in your journey to progress.





Our Approach

Simplifying the process.



We’ll learn about your goals and concerns before conducting thorough research and analysis to create an ROI-focused strategy. 



You will be presented with a thoughtful, transparent, and highly detailed plan of action—complete with a timeline, deliverables, and costs.



Should you choose to work with our team to implement, our team will thoughtfully and strategically to build the elements needed for successful implementation. 

Engagement Models

A couple ways to work together.

We can help launch a project, or act as an extension of your team.

Partner With Us

Provide your firm with instant scale and continuity through a partnership with Finovo. After setting strategic objectives, Finovo will get to work as your new, multi-skilled marketing team. We host weekly marketing meetings, provide a transparent approach, and come equipped with the people and tools needed to build, launch and grow.

Flexible monthly retainer

Access to a multi-disciplinary marketing team

Marketing continuity through ongoing partnership

Per Project

Have a one-off project you’d like to get off the ground? Our team of designers, developers, marketers and technologists can help with your project, big or small. Whether we work together for three weeks or three months, we’ll see your project through to completion with dedication and skill.

Flat-fee or hourly engagements, based on the project

Quick turnarounds

Ongoing web support available

Matt Haghighi, Founder

With a background in technology, marketing, and finance, Matt aims to help firms grow through strategic input and dynamic solutions.

After graduating from UC Irvine, Matt founded Amity Capital, an RIA that blends Betterment’s advanced investment platform with personalized advice, assisting younger clients in investing without traditional minimums. He then led Digital Strategy at Betterment Institutional and spearheaded marketing and technology initiatives at AdvicePeriod.

Recognizing the limitations of the cookie-cutter marketing agency model, Matt knew he could offer a better approach to digital marketing and launched Finovo in 2017.

Throughout his ventures, Matt’s vision has been unwavering: to shape the growth paths of firms through innovative strategies and actionable solutions.